BedWorld offers you with high quality products that last longer. Our products include Medical Mattresses, Bedding Sets, Mattresses Bases, Pillows, and Headboards.

Our Mattresses are warranted against factory defects and curvature from 2 to 15 years based on mattress type and brand.


Best Quality Medical Mattresses

Bed World

BedWorld is the perfect place in which to choose what suits you from our medical mattresses with its types and features that meet your needs.

You can also pick from a variety of bed sets and sheets with different beautiful colors and textures.

What we offer:

 World Class medical mattresses that suit your tastes.

A variety of bedding sets with different colors and textures.

2-15 years of warranty based on mattress type.

 Free delivery and amazing discounts.

BedWorld Company is  authorized dealer for Celeste,Everest, and Eclipse Medical Mattresses.

International brands under one roof


About us


To be amongst the best worldwide companies in providing medical mattresses products with its different types and brands.


To provide high quality products and services for the consumers and meet the expectations.


– Transparency and credibility
– Professionalism in delivering services
– Ambitious to always achieve the best
– Continuity in developing and mastering our work with the latest scientific methods and means


General Manager Message

BedWorld Company aims to provide the consumers with the best products that meet their needs and expectations. In addition, the company aims to make partnerships with specialized world-class companies in medical mattresses and other bed products.
Mustafa Al-Obaid

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You are welcome to send your questions regarding our products or services, and we welcome your valuable suggestions too.

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